March 26, 2020

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[University of Augsburg]
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Jan. 21, 2020

BayFOR fördert Anbahnung von Forschungskooperationen mit Kuba

Die Bayerische Forschungsallianz (BayFOR) fördert im Rahmen des Bayerischen Hochschulförderprogramms den Lehrstuhl für Humangeographie und Transformationsforschung zur Anbahnung von Wissenschaftskooperationen mit Hochschulen in Kuba. Hierbei sollen kubanische WissenschaftlerInnen als Partner für ein gemeinsames Forschungsprojekt gewonnen werden.

[Human Geography and Transition Research]
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Jan. 13, 2020

Master thesis placed in Top-Journal

As a rule, Master's theses are an examination which, at the end of the study programme, provides evidence of the academic maturity of a student. In some cases, this work not only leads to an excellent examination result, but also helps to stimulate the current scientific process at the institute by filling a research gap. In very exceptional, even rarer cases, the results of a Master's thesis even radiate far beyond the research at the Institute, far into the international academic world, thereby elevating a student to the status of a "full-blooded scientist" within a short time and immediately.

[Human Geography and Transition Research]
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Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmidt
Head of Chair
Human Geography and Transition Research