Project Period

Funding Institution

Project Management

01.12.2015 – 31.01.2017 

City of Augsburg




The basis for the cooperation project is a decision in the Youth, Social and Housing Committee of 06.05.2015 on the topic "Housing; Measures for people with particular housing market difficulties" with the aim of establishing a Central Housing Emergency Unit and providing them with the appropriate instruments for needs planning and reorientation of homelessness assistance. The Department of Human Geography was entrusted with the process support to create a concept with recommendations for action and to set up a steering group. The goal is also to involve the surrounding communities in the process.


Objectives of scientific accompaniment

  • Preparation and development of a coordinated concept for the challenges around the topic "Housing"
  • Preparation and conduct of surveys and analyzes
  • Scientific support for the classification of the results in the overall context
  • Preparation and joint development of the overall concept for a housing department

Four milestones and the respective sub-modules are intended to provide an overview. By January 2017, all milestones have been merged in a concept design and in the planning of a housing department.

Different actors and experts are involved in the process in different ways. This takes place via specialist working groups, the control level, thought workshops and not least via expert interviews and a presentation workshop.