Collection, documentation and presentation of elements of the historical cultural landscape in the district of Augsburg

project duration

01.04.2018 - 31.03.2020

project contracting

district Augsburg

project leaders

PD Dr. Markus Hilpert
Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Bohn
M. Sc. Sophie Grunenberg

Grenzstein bei Kühlenthal © Gisela Mahnkopf

Tracking down historic cultural landscape elements and documenting them for posterity is the top priority of the Augsburg research team headed by PD Dr. Ing. Markus Hilpert from the Department of Human Geography and Transformation Research. The 7,000-year settlement history of the Augsburg state left many traces in our landscape, which are at first glance difficult to recognize and were not covered by the monument. Numerous relics, such as cultivated terraces, wicker, hollow paths, vault bakers, trenches or ice ponds were part of the daily life of earlier generations. Today, however, they are often converted into land for lack of knowledge, so that the historic cultural landscape is increasingly disappearing. Visualizing the lost and becoming the hunter of forgotten stories are the first steps of the LEADER-funded project "Cultural Traces in the Augsburg district". Together with citizens, local historians, former mayors and other knowledge carriers as well as with the help of old maps, books, cadastral extracts and many site inspections, historical cultural landscape elements are to be recorded and subsequently made accessible to the public through various media. The municipalities will be provided with a tool, as it were, for future planning in order to be able to consider historical cultural traces, for example in urban land use planning.

Evening dates of the public participation:
04.07.2018 in Welden (Adelsried, Altenmünster, Bonstetten, Emersacker, Heretsried, Horgau, Welden & Zusmarshausen)  
05.07.2018 in Waldberg (Birkach, Burgwalden, Fischach, Gessertshausen, Klimmach, Langenneufnach, Mickhausen, Mittelneufnach, Reinhartshofen, Reinhartshausen, Scherstetten, Schwabegg, Waldberg & Walkertshofen)  
18.07.2018 in Westendorf (Allmannshofen, Biberbach, Ehingen, Ellgau, Kühlenthal, Langweid, Meitingen, Nordendorf, Thierhaupten & Westendorf)  
19.07.2018 in Schwabmünchen (Bobingen, Bobingen-Siedlung, Graben, Großaitingen, Hiltenfingen, Kleinaitingen, Klosterlechfeld, Königsbrunn, Langerringen, Oberottmarshausen, Schwabmünchen, Untermeitingen & Wehringen)  
24.07.2018 in Dinkelscherben (Dinkelscherben, Kutzenhausen & Ustersbach)  
30.07.2018 in Neusäß-Steppach (Aystetten, Diedorf, Gablingen, Gersthofen, Neusäß & Stadtbergen)

Fischweiher bei Reinhartshofen © Gisela Mahnkopf



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