Project start: 01.06.2019

Duration: 3 years

Funding: BMBF

Project lead: Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann

Involved scientists: Dr. Windmanagda Sawadogo, Dr. Benjamin Fersch (KIT/IMK-IFU) and Dr. Jan Bliefernicht




The sub-project of the University of Augsburg (UniA) aims in particular to improve energy meteorological forecasts for Ghana to improve the database for the planning and control of PV hybrid systems. In order to achieve optimal efficiency of the PV hybrid systems, daily regional forecasts are prepared for Ghana with high spatial (3-4 km) and temporal (hourly) resolution and 48 hours lead time. The realization is based on the scientific community Research and Forecasting Model (WRF / WRF-Solar). The final model configuration will be based on a thorough evaluation of available WRF setups (WASCAL) founded on local observations (WASCAL, Ghana Met Service, 3 project sites) and climatic data products (SARAH, Solargis, Meteonorm). The work will be carried out in cooperation with the WASCAL Competence Center in Burkina Faso and other composite parners in Germany and Ghana.


Further information on the joint project can also be found on the Enershelf website.