Research Foci

Our main fields of research are

  • Impact of regional climate change on terrestrial hydrology
  • Dynamical and statistical downscaling of meteorological fields
  • Fully coupled and compartment crossing regional atmospheric and hydrological modeling
  • Modeling and observation of joint water- and energy fluxes
  • Use of commercial microwave links (CMLs) for precipitation quantification
  • Geostatistical merging of hydrometeorological variables
Fully-coupled modeling
Dynamical downscaling
Data merging
In-situ measurements

Research Regions

Our prime interest are climate sensitive regions, particularly flood- and drought prone regions. Our current activities focus on

  • Middle Europe, especially Bavaria, the Alpine Space and the Mediterranean region
  • the Near and Middle East and
  • South, West and East Africa
Alpine upland
Middle East
Western Africa



Current projects




Finished projects (selection)


Publications (latest)

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