Project start: 01.01.2019

Duration: 3 Jahre

Funding: BMBF

Project lead: Harald Kunstmann

Involved scientists: Zhenyu Zhang

Project partners:

    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

   University of Tübingen

   German Remote Sensing Data Center (DLR)



Overarching goal of SALDi is to implement novel, adaptive, and sustainable tools for assessing land degradation in multi-use landscapes in southern Africa. Spatially distributed information on state variables and on the dynamics of land surface properties will be derived using physically based ground measurements, satellite derived information and modeling approaches. This includes the analysis of atmosphere-land surface interactions.  Subproject TP2 focuses on the modeling of these interactions using a regional Earth System Model like WRF-Hydro. We will assess the coupled atmospheric and terrestrial regional water cycle in high spatial resolution for the entire region of southern Africa and derive indicators and measures for land surface-atmosphere interactions. Generated simulation results serve as input data for assessments of erosion risks and for the delineation of degradation scenarios. Besides close cooperation with German SALDi partners we will particularly cooperate with ARC-ISCW as tandem-partner, and with SANParks and the University of Stellenbosch.

The map shows the proposed study sites based on the Land Degradation Index map 2013 (LDI_2013, 1 = slight to 4 = severe, from: ARC 2017)


Additional information

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