Anke Fluhrer

Research Associate
Regional Climate and Hydrology
Phone: +49 8153-28- 3908
Address: Universitätsstraße 10, 86159 Augsburg

research foci

  • Earth Observation, Geoinformatics (GIS), Terrestrial Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation
  • Remotely Sensed Image Processing and Analysis of Active and Passive Microwave Observations (satellite, airplane, UAVs)
  • Determination of single (e.g. plant/soil moisture) or analyses of correlations between several (e.g. plant/soil moisture, vegetation optical density, relative water content) important earth system parameters with regard to the primary research topics climate change as well as weather & climate modeling and prediction


  • Fluhrer A, Jagdhuber T, Tabatabaeenejad A, Alemohammad H, Montzka C, Friedl P, Forootan E, Kunstmann H., “Remote Sensing of Complex Permittivity and Penetration Depth of Soils Using P-Band SAR Polarimetry”, in Remote Sensing, 2022, 14(12):2755, doi: 10.3390/rs14122755.
  • Jagdhuber, T., Jonard, F., Fluhrer, A., Chaparro, D., Baur, M. J., Meyer, T., and Piles, M., “Toward estimation of seasonal water dynamics of winter wheat from ground-based L-band radiometry: a concept study”, in Biogeosciences, 19, 2273–2294, 2022, doi: 10.5194/bg-19-2273-2022.
  • Mengen, D.; Montzka, C.; Jagdhuber, T.; Fluhrer, A.; Brogi, C.; Baum, S.; Sch, D.; Bayat, B.; Bogena, H.; Coccia, A.; et al., “The SARSense Campaign: Air‐ and Space‐Borne C‐ and L‐Band SAR for the Analysis of Soil and Plant Parameters in Agriculture,” in Remote Sens., 13, 825, 2021, doi: 10.3390/rs13040825.
  • A. Fluhrer, T. Jagdhuber, R. Akbar, P. E. O'Neill and D. Entekhabi, "Simultaneous Retrieval of Surface Roughness Parameters for Bare Soils From Combined Active-Passive Microwave SMAP Observations," in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 59, no. 10, pp. 8182-8194, Oct. 2021, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2020.3035204.
  • P. Friedl, F. Weiser, A. Fluhrer, M.H. Braun, “Remote sensing of glacier and ice sheet grounding lines: A review,” in Earth-Science Reviews, vol. 201, 2020, doi: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2019.102948.


Since February 2020   Doctoral candidate at the Augsburg University, Chair for Regional Climate and


Since October 2017    Research associate at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Microwaves and Radar

                                    Institute, Oberpfaffenhofen

June-August 2017       Internship at the Alfred-Wegener Institute, Department of Earth Sciences, Section of

                                    Glaciology, Bremerhaven

2016-2017                   Student associate at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute of Geography,

                                    Department for remote sensing and GIS

2015-2018                   MSc. Physical Geography at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute of Geography,

                                    Department for remote sensing and GIS

2011-2014                   BSc. Geography at the JMU Würzburg, Germany, Institute of Geography


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