The working group is dedicated to a holistic view upon interactions between land use, land management, water and soil resources. Therefore, interdisciplinary research at the intersection between hydrology, soil science, geomorphology, agronomy and biogeochemistry is essential, and is the focus of the working group members.

Special interests within the working group are:


  • Surface runoff and soil redistribution as affected by landscape patchiness and connectivity.
  • Sediment-burden carbon redistribution and its effects upon terrestrial and aquatic carbon balance.
  • Pathways of carbon from plants and microorganisms into specific carbon fractions in climatically and geochemically different soils.
  • Microplastic in agricultural soils
  • Sustainable management of water and  soil resources.
  • Land use and land management interactions with regional climate

We use and refine a wide range of conceptual and physically oriented models to analyse different aspects of water, sediment and carbon fluxes on various spatial and temporal scales. Moreover, field as well as laboratory measurements are carried out to improve process understanding, which range from sediment and carbon analyses to continuous monitoring in small catchments. Hosting the project MONSOON the working group is also engagend in large scale vegetation and climate modelling.

Apart from research in Central Europe, the working group is active in the tropical South of India as well as in Central (TropSOC project) and Western Africa (MONSOON project). The research group is part of the faculty of Applied Informatics of University Augsburg and is also involved into the activities of the Environmental Science Centre (WZU).

Working Group News

May 28, 2020

Covid-19: Please read our current information

 Please check regularly for news and read our FAQs.

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May 13, 2020

Call for Master Thesis: "Fire in West Africa & India - Interactions with Humans, Vegetation and Climate

Are you looking for a master thesis that is not only super exciting but also feasible during Corona times? Then you are in the right place. We offer a job that you can do from home and even become part of an international research project! If you are interested in the relationships between fire and people in West Africa and India, how they change and affect the environment in times of climate change, then click on Read more to learn more what it is about!  


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Feb. 15, 2020

New Lab Equipment

In the framework of the BMBF project „Microplastic in fresh water systems (MicBin)“ the team acquired a new 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (Keyence VX1000) which is used to develp new methods to detect microplastic in soil samples.

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Water and Soil Resource Research
Physical Geography and Climate Science
Administrative Assistant TropSoc & MONSOON
Water and Soil Resource Research