Final Theses at the Chair for Climate Resilience of Human Made Ecosystems

At the chair we supervise Bachelor's and Master's theses, mainly in the fields of climate research and climate impact research, biogeography, geoecology and landscape ecology, geographic development research, food systems, agricultural geography, and generally human-environment relations.
If you are interested, contact us at an early stage to discuss your proposed topic and develop a concept, or apply for thesis topic offers.


Bachelor's Theses (as of September 2023)

  1. Stability or productivity? Insights on yield stabilizing management strategies from long-term agronomic trials.
  2. Analysis of national adaptation and monitoring systems and objectives and motivations of different stakeholders in Uganda and Ethiopia.
  3. Reason for hope? Recent development of food security indicators in countries of the Global South.

Master's Theses (as of September 2023)

  1. Uncertainty in onset and duration of crop growing periods globally.
  2. Phenology trends in sub-Saharan Africa.
  3. Effects of drought on food production, land use and household livelihood (co-supervision with Prof. Dr. Gernot Müller, Institute of Mathematics)
  4. “Hawai’ian Food Systems Resilience” (co-supervision with Dr. Andrea Thorenz, Institute of Materials Resource Management)

Currently supervised Final Theses


  • Anna Schlingmann, PhD student, Local indicators of climate change impacts and adaptation, 2019-ongoing. Member of the advisory team (primary supervisor Victoria Reyes-Garcia)
  • Fabio Josue Alvarez Avila, PhD student, Adaptation and networking of primary care and specialist care with regard to the health effects of climate change, 2023-ongoing. Member of the advisory team (primary supervisor Elke Hertig)

Completed Final Theses

There aren't any completed Final Theses yet.