Welcome at the chair for climate resilience of human made ecosystems

Resilience means to absorb, to recover and to transform. We need to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and societies. Our responsibility is to act on overwhelming evidence of climate risks with an open mind and look for solutions that improve living conditions of the most vulnerable while ensuring a balanced use of resources.


The research group Climate Resilience and Human-Made Ecosystems studies the impacts of climate change on land use and agriculture and adaptation in the context of global challenges such as food and nutrition security and sustainability.


Two core themes of our research currently are:


1. Regional and global climate change impacts


Impact models are well validated and tested for different sectors, including agriculture, their results used widely and often provide initial evidence on how humans change the climate system and which risks evolve from that. The leading research questions for us in this area are: Where globally are climate change hotspots and where are impacts strongest? What are the uncertainties in climate change impact projections and how can we improve simulation models used in impact assessments?


2. Smallholder agriculture and adaptation


Smallholder farmers provide one-third of all food supplied worldwide but occupy only one-fourth of the global cropland. Small farms tend to focus more on food production than on producing feed for livestock or biomass for other uses, which highlights their importance for household and domestic food security. The leading research questions for us in this area are: What are the specific challenges for smallholders in adapting to climate change? Which adaptation strategies are most efficient and already used by rural households and proved to be successful? What are barriers or enablers for efficient adaptation?


The Chair for Climate Resilience and Human-Made Ecosystems is an active part of the institute of geography, the faculty of applied computer sciences and the centre for climate resilience at Augsburg University.


Feb. 19, 2024

The role of smallholder agriculture in future land systems - Call for Abstracts open for GLP OSM5

Katharina Waha and Maria Backhouse are going to host a session at the Global Land Programme’s Open Science Meeting in Oaxaca (Mexico) from November 4th to 8th .
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Jan. 22, 2024

Oberseminar im Master Klima- und Umweltwissenschaften

Wir beiten für das kommende Sommersemester das interdisziplinäre Oberseminar "Klimawandel, Extremereignisse und Konfliktforschung" (in deutsch/englisch) an. Die Anmeldung ist noch bis Mittwoch, den 24.01.2024, 13:00 Uhr möglich.
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Jan. 15, 2024

We are hiring!

There is a postdoctoral position (Socio-ecological modelling with a focus on agricultural systems, 3 years term) available in the research group “Climate resilience of human-made ecosystems” that focuses on climate resilience of agricultural systems, climate change and land use, food and nutrition security, sustainability, agro-ecosystems research in both, low- and middle-income countries and Europe.
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Centre for Climate Resilience

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