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The events will take place on Mondays at 5:30 pm in the Lecture Hall N2045 at FAI.


The lectures are aimed at an interested professional audience and will be held in English.



Below you will find the schedule for the lecture series with further information on each individual lecture:


06.02.2023: Prof. Dr. Martin Boeker (TU München): "Das DIFUTURE Konsortium der BMBF Medizininformatik-Initiative:Auf dem Weg in eine digitale Zukunft im deutschen Gesundheitswesen"


30.1.2023: Dr. Martin Schmidt (TU Dresden): "Morphological ECG Analysis – Revealing Valuable Features for Medical Diagnosis”


23.01.2023: Dr. Mathias Kaspar (Institute of Digital Medicine, University Hospital and University of Augsburg): "Implementation and Application of Clinical Data Warehousing for Studies in Patients with Heart Failure“


16.01.2023: Prof. Dr. Carsten Eickhoff (E-Health and Medical Data-Science, University of Tübingen): "Retrieval-powered Zero-shot Text Classification"


12.12.2022: Dr. Zaynab Hammoud (Junior Group leader "MomoTuBo" University of Augsburg): "From Graph Theory towards Modelling and Visualizing Biomedical Networks"


05.12.2022: Dr. David Langenberger (Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, ecSeq Bioinformatics GmbH, Leipzig/Augsburg): "Tiled Amplicons Panels in NGS-Based Genetic Testing"


28.11.2022: Dr. Dina ElHarouni (Hopp-Kindertumorzentrum, DKFZ Heidelberg): "From functional drug profiling to multi-omics biomarker identification in paediatric solid tumors“


21.11.2022: Dr. Isabell Bludau (Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, München) 'From protein identification to functional interpretation'


14.11.2022: Prof. Dr. Tim Beißbarth (Head of Department Medical Bioinformatics, University of Göttingen): "From Modeling Molecular Networks to Predictive Medicine"


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