On July 26, 2018, a delegation of the Chinese national TV station Jiajia Cartoon Channel, Guangzhou TV and Radio Station (500 million viewers) visited Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers (Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg) to shoot for the series "Little Diplomat". The TV and radio station became aware of Professor Möllers through his numerous cooperation visits and lectures at Chinese universities and the research centre RICE (Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe) which he directs.


The "Little Diplomat" format has already visited many other countries around the world and has now come to Europe for the first time. The delegation was accompanied by eight children, one of whom is the children's mayor of Guangzhou City (German Canton), capital of Guangdong Province. The programme, filmed in Augsburg, will be broadcasted daily on national satellite television for eight weeks. The children asked Professor Möllers questions about the education system and studying in Germany. They also wanted to know how to become a university professor and what requirements one has to meet to be allowed to study law in Augsburg. Professor Möllers explained to the junior journalists the course of law studies and spoke about the basics of law, in particular legal methodology. This is part of the legal tools  and can be used to solve (almost) all legal questions. Prof. Möllers illustrated this vividly using the current example of responsibility for damage caused by autonomously driven vehicles. When asked what his tasks as a professor in Augsburg are, he reported that his main areas of focus are writing books (research), teaching (instruction) and international exchange.