Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe 中国法律研究中心-中欧创新与法律研究中心 [RICE]

Research centre 研究中心

The Research Center brings together the activities of the research projects on Chinese law and legal culture among its members and partners and aims to organize an annual academic series of events, which can take place either in Augsburg or China. (...)


Forschungsreise China 2019

Research 研究

In recent years, the strategic relationship between the EU, Germany and China as mutual cooperation partners has developed rapidly. The People's Republic and the European association of states are already close partners in the economic and trade sectors. In the last two years, negotiations of the EU-China Investment and Free Trade Agreement have been pushed forward in order to establish a legal system for a common economic and trade area.


Rice Tagung 2017 (5)

Chinese visting professors 中方客座教授

The Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe (RICE) under the direction of Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers sees itself as a link between German, European and Chinese jurisprudence and legal practice. In addition to its associate members, the Research Center is supported by our Chinese visiting professors.

中欧创新与法律研究中心由托马斯·默勒斯的领导并作为一个德国、欧洲和中国的法学与实践之间的纽带。 本研究中心同时也得到了诸多位中国客座教授的支持。

China Rice


Forschungsreise China 2019
Aufnahme nach einer Vorlesung im Rahmen von Prof. Thomas M.J. Möllers Forschungsreise nach China 2019 Thomas, Möllers, foto: privat
Rice Tagung 2017 (6)
Vortrag von Prof. Thomas M.J. Möllers bei der Tagung zur aktuellen Reform des chinesischen Zivilrechts 2017 © University of Augsburg
Neujahrsempfang Generalkonsul 2020
Gemeinsames Foto mit dem chinesischen Generalkonsul beim Neujahrsempfang 2020 Thomas, Möllers, foto: privat
Gruppenfoto Tagung 2017
Gruppenfoto im Rahmen der Tagung zur aktuellen Reform des chinesischen Zivilrechts 2017 © University of Augsburg


Möllers, Legal Methods 法学方法论


The Chinese edition of the book "Legal Methods" has attracted much attention and an enthusiastic response from readers after its publication in China at the end of July 2022. The Chinese news of 31 December 2022 reported that the book won two prizes at the China Law Book Awards.

First, the book was ranked No. 1 by Peking University Press as the best-designed law book among hundreds of law books in 2022 because of its design.

Secondly, the Dewey Law Commune, a public WeChat platform with great renown in China's legal community, selected the ten most influential books on the rule of law in China for that year. Legal Methods was also chosen.

The respective coverage in Chinese can be found on the following page.

Juristische Methodenlehre China

Lecture Program Global Law Perspective in Winter Semester 2022/23 and Summer Semester 2023

After the initial event "How Lawyers Think" on November 9, 2022, the Forum's Global Law Perspective lecture series on new developments in law from a global perspective will feature a series of further lectures by highly regarded professors on current topics in civil, commercial, criminal and capital markets law in the winter semester of 2022/23 and summer semester of 2023. The lectures will last two hours each, with the main speaker speaking for 1-1.5 hours and two commentators, one Chinese and one German, following with 10-15 minutes each. All lectures are also addressed to Chinese students, research assistants as well as professors and are organized in cooperation with reputable Chinese universities. (...)

How Lawyers are Thinking 法律人如何思考? - Guest Lecture at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (People's Republic of China), Wuhan


On November 9, 2022, Professor Möllers presented his lecture "How Lawyers are Thinking" as part of the Global Law Perspective lecture series at China's Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (People's Republic of China) in Wuhan on Zoom. The number of participants of approximately 700 scientific staff, students of the university as well as renowned Chinese professors alone shows the positive resonance of the event.
In terms of content, Professor Möllers addressed the essential contents of his monograph "Juristische Methodenlehre" (Legal Methodology) as well as "Juristische Arbeitstechnik und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" (Legal Techniques and Scientific Work).
Tobias Manhardt, research assistant at the chair of Professor Möllers acted as commentator of the event.
As part of the lecture series, the same lecture will take place next at the Ning Bo University Law school (People's Republic of China) on November 16, 2022 on Zoom (...)

How Lawyers are Thinking




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