Möllers, Legal Methods 法学方法论


The Chinese edition of the book "Legal Methods" has attracted much attention and an enthusiastic response from readers after its publication in China at the end of July 2022. The Chinese news of 31 December 2022 reported that the book won two prizes at the China Law Book Awards.

First, the book was ranked No. 1 by Peking University Press as the best-designed law book among hundreds of law books in 2022 because of its design.

Secondly, the Dewey Law Commune, a public WeChat platform with great renown in China's legal community, selected the ten most influential books on the rule of law in China for that year. Legal Methods was also chosen.

The respective coverage in Chinese can be found on the following page.

Juristische Methodenlehre China

Lecture Program Global Law Perspective in Winter Semester 2022/23 and Summer Semester 2023

After the initial event "How Lawyers Think" on November 9, 2022, the Forum's Global Law Perspective lecture series on new developments in law from a global perspective will feature a series of further lectures by highly regarded professors on current topics in civil, commercial, criminal and capital markets law in the winter semester of 2022/23 and summer semester of 2023. The lectures will last two hours each, with the main speaker speaking for 1-1.5 hours and two commentators, one Chinese and one German, following with 10-15 minutes each. All lectures are also addressed to Chinese students, research assistants as well as professors and are organized in cooperation with reputable Chinese universities. (...)

How Lawyers are Thinking 法律人如何思考? - Guest Lecture at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (People's Republic of China), Wuhan


On November 9, 2022, Professor Möllers presented his lecture "How Lawyers are Thinking" as part of the Global Law Perspective lecture series at China's Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (People's Republic of China) in Wuhan on Zoom. The number of participants of approximately 700 scientific staff, students of the university as well as renowned Chinese professors alone shows the positive resonance of the event.
In terms of content, Professor Möllers addressed the essential contents of his monograph "Juristische Methodenlehre" (Legal Methodology) as well as "Juristische Arbeitstechnik und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" (Legal Techniques and Scientific Work).
Tobias Manhardt, research assistant at the chair of Professor Möllers acted as commentator of the event.
As part of the lecture series, the same lecture will take place next at the Ning Bo University Law school (People's Republic of China) on November 16, 2022 on Zoom (...)

How Lawyers are Thinking

100,000 Chinese lawyers read "Legal Methodology" 法学方法论 online together


The Chinese edition of the book "Legal Methodology" officially went on sale in Beijing at the end of July 2022, attracting great attention and response from Chinese lawyers.
On August 25 at 1:00 p.m., the most well-known legal reading platform in China, "Jotai Book & Sound," invited ten leading Chinese law professors and scholars to a book reading of Professor Möllers' work. The event took place online and was open to a wide audience, especially lawyers. It received 106,700 views on the Chinese web and lasted just about four hours. (...)

Cover Chinesische Methodenlehre

Published: Möllers, Juristische Methodenlehre 法学方法论


The Chinese edition of the book "Juristische Methodenlehre" was officially published in China by Peking University Press on July 20, 2022.
The work has already had four editions since 2017. It is cited by legal literature and jurisprudence. It has been translated into English under the title "How to work with legal arguments, 2020". It complements the book "Juristische Arbeitstechnik" (法律研习方法--作业、考试和论文写作), which was published in China in 2019 and has now sold more than 15,000 units. The book describes the main argumentation figures and develops a modern legal methodology.
The publication in China is accompanied by a large advertising campaign. (...)

JM chinesische Fassung

New Publication: Möllers/Li (Ed.) Between Tradition and Modernity - The Special Section of the New Chinese Civil Code 新书出版:穆勒斯/李昊主编:《中国新民法典分则——在传统与现代之间》


On 1.1.2021, the new Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, adopted on 28.05.2020, came into force. This is a major step on the way towards a unified civil code, which goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. (...)


Visit by two doctoral students from the CUPL - 中国政法大学博士生来访请教法学方法论专题


On 12 April 2022, doctoral students Mr Guobang Wu and Ms Yi Li, LL.M. from the Chinese University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) visited RICE. The discussions with Professor Möllers focused on basic theories and methods of law in Germany. Furthermore, the organisation of a symposium in the context of the publication of the monograph "Juristische Methodenlehre" in Chinese in Beijing in June 2022 was discussed. Mr Wu is currently doing his doctorate at the University of Vienna, while Ms Li is a visiting researcher at the University of Münster.

Besuch der Doktoranden der CUPL am RICE

ZChinR 3/2021


The article "Offene Fragen zum Kaufrecht des chinesischen Zivilgesetzbuches - Ein Vergleich mit dem deutschen und europäischen Recht" ("Open Questions on the Law of Sale of Goods under the Chinese Civil Code - A Comparison with German and European Law") has been published in the current issue 3/2021 of the "Zeitschrift für Chinesisches Recht".
In his article, Professor Möllers examines Chinese law comparatively with German and European law.
In particular, he deals with highly interesting issues of the law of sales, such as the concept of defect, the duty to examine the object of sale and warranty claims in case of defectiveness, as well as the relationship to the Consumer Protection Law, regulations on the control of general terms and conditions and the obligation to contract. The article concludes with an evaluation of the regulatory technique and a presentation of the concept of humanity of the ZGB.

Zeitschrift für Chinesisches Recht 3/2021

Appointment as visiting scientist


The Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg has awarded Dr. Zhihao Du the position of Visiting Scholar at the Research Institute for Chinese Law (RICE). Mr. Du received his doctorate in Göttingen and is currently an assistant professor at Hunan University in China. He has contributed significantly to the translation of Professor Möllers' "Juristische Arbeitstechnik" and "Juristische Methodenlehre".

Zhihao Du

Open questions on the law of sale of the Chinese Civil Code


The Journal of Law and Economy of the Law School of the Central University of Finance and Economics published the article "Offene Fragen zum Kaufrecht des chinesischen Zivilgesetzbuchs.
- A Comparison with German and European Law" by Professor Möllers was published in Chinese.

Chinesischer Beitrag zum Kaufrecht

The Chinese Civil Code - Features and Unsolved Problems


On 7 May, Professor Möllers took part in an online event at the Ruhr University Bochum organised by Professor Dr Peter A. Windel as part of the planned conference on "The Chinese Civil Code". During the online event, Professor Hao Li from Beihang University in Beijing gave an introduction to the code and reported extensively and in detail on the latest developments.

The conference on the Chinese Civil Code organised by Professor Möllers and Professor Li has already had to be postponed three times due to the Corona pandemic and will take place in China in April 2022.

Poster Chinese Civil Code

How Lawyers solve problems - 法律人如何解决问题


On Thursday, 6 May, Professor Dr Möllers gave a lecture to 120 participants of Nanjing University in China on the topic "How lawyers solve problems". (...)

Plakat Nanjing

“资本市场法–中国可以从欧洲那里学到什么” / Publication "What China can learn from Europe"


The article “Capital Market Law – What China can learn from Europe” has been published in “China Studies Issue 8, in Shanghai People's Publishing House”. Professor Möllers discusses current developments and problems of European legal harmonization in capital market law based on MiFID II, MiFIR and PRIIP Regulation.The article shows how China can promote the creation of a "level playing field" on the capital market and learn from the European problems.

chinesischer Beitrag

Publication: Enforcing Consumer and Capital Markets Law – The Diesel Emissions Scandal


This book critically analyses the various approaches of public and private law enforcement and their effectiveness across several jurisdictions on the example of one topical and global collective damage event with far reaching consequences for both, consumers and investors: the Dieselgate. (...)

Cover Intersentia Book



Mr. Zhiaho Du (杜志浩)and Dr. Liuhua Shen have translated the German work "Juristische Arbeitstechnik und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" (Legal Work Techniques and Scientific Work), which has already been published in its 9th edition, into Chinese. The Chinese book was sold out in a very short time with 5,000 copies, so that a reprint became necessary after only a few months.
Mr. Du, who recently received his doctorate in Göttingen, also translates Professor Möllers' "Juristische Methodenlehre".

aktuellmeldung chinesische methodenlehre

Research trip and guest professorship in China


Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers went on a research trip to China from 12-23 September 2019, during which he gave lectures and guest lectures at several Chinese universities. At the University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in Beijing, he held a guest professorship and gave a series of lectures on "Introduction into German Civil and Business Law" to give Chinese students an insight into German civil law. He gave lectures at the Jiliang and Zhe Jiang University in Hangzhou. There was also a press conference at the Peking University in Beijing. (...).

Vortrag Chinareise

Publication: „Legal Work Techniques and Scientific Work“ in China


The 9th edition of Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers' book "Juristische Arbeitstechnik und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" ("Legal Work Techniques and Scientific Work") was published on June 1, 2019, in Chinese in Beijing. The publisher is the renowned "Peking University Press".
The Chinese version of this book was translated jointly by Dr. Liuhua Shen (academic assistant to Professor Möllers), Dr. Qiangwei Ma from Peking University and Dr. Du Zhihao from Göttingen University. The edition so far is 5000 copies.

ISBN 978-7-3012-30286-6

Chinesische Arbeitstechnik (2)

Professor Möllers on Chinese television on the series "Little Diplomat" - Jiajia Cartoon Channel


On July 26, 2018, a delegation of the supra-regional Chinese TV station Jiajia Cartoon Channel, Guangzhou TV and Radio Station (500 million viewers) visited Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers (Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg) to shoot for the series "Little Diplomat".

Little Diplomat

Publication "The General Rules of Chinese Civil Law"


The conference volume "The General Rules of Chinese Civil Law", edited by Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers and Professor Dr. Hao Li, contains the results of the conference of the Research Center for Innovation between China and Europe (RICE) held on July 19, 2017 at the Law Faculty in Augsburg.

Rice Tagungsband

Visit from the People's Republic of China


At the invitation of the Research Centre for Chinese Law (RICE) under the direction of Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers, Professor Su Jiang visited the Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 for an academic exchange and to strengthen the cooperation with Peking University.

Su Jiang

Tort law in the PR China


On February 5, 2018, Prof. Dr. Qiang Wang gave a lecture titled: "The Tort Law of the PR China with special consideration of the liability of animal owners compared to German law". Prof. Dr. Wang teaches at the China University of Political Science (CUPL, Beijing) and was a guest lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg (...).

Deliktsrecht in der VR China

The new General Part of Chinese Civil Law


The first meeting of the new Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe (RICE) took place on July 20, 2017. The occasion was the current reform of Chinese civil law (...).

Rice Tagung

Lecture tour in China and appointment as permanent visiting professor of the University of Political Science Gansu in Lanzhou


In November 2016 Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers travelled to China for one week. Where he visited the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in Beijing and the University of Political Science Gansu in Lanzhou (...).

Ernennungsurkunde Gastprofessor Lanzhou

Launch event of the Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe (RICE)


On April 26, 2016, the launch event of the research centre RICE (Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe) took place in the facilities of the Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg. (...)

Gruppenbild RICE

Lecture tour in China


In November 2015 Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers travelled to China for one week. Where he held four lectures at various renowned universities (...).

China Vortragsreise 2015

Expansion of the cooperation with China


The University of Augsburg has continued its expansion strategy of internationalisation and has entered into a new cooperation in research and teaching with the Peking University in Beijing (...).

Ausbau der Kooperationen mit China 2014

Lectures in China


As part of a research trip to the People's Republic of China, Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers held several lectures with the following titles between September 12 and 16, 2013: "Newest Developments in European Commercial Law - Company Law - The Volkswagen Case", East China University of Political Sciences and Law und University of Xi'an; "The German Constitutional Court: European Lawmaker or Engine of the Union?", Law Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; "Class Action in Business Law -The German Background", Law Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.