(...) Thanks to the expertise of renowned German and Chinese authors, this volume covers a selection of new  regulations of the special section of the Chinese civil code comparing it to the German legal system. At the same time, this volume is also a product of the good German-Chinese academic relationship


With contributions by
Prof. Dr. Martina Benecke; Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ruyi Du, LL.M.; Dr.
Carmen Freyler; Prof. Dr. Beate Gsell; Prof. Dr. Michael Kort;
Dr. Weiwei Lei; Prof. Dr. Hao Li; Dr. Yungyang Li, LL.M.; Prof.
Dr. Zhiyang Liu, LL.M.; Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers; Prof.
Dr. Keping Ran; Dr. Dorothee Schulze; Prof. Dr. Reiner Schulze;
Dr. Liuhua Shen, LL.M.; Matthias Veicht; Prof. Dr. Peter A.
Windel; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wurmnest; Prof. Dr. Tong Zhang,
LL.M.; ao. Prof. Dr. Lijun Zhu; Prof. Dr. Xiaofeng Zhu und Prof.
Dr. Xiaozhe Zhu.


Between Tradition and Modernity   
The Special Section of the New Chinese Civil Code

Edited by Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers and Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Hao Li
2022, 645 pp., hc., € 179.00
ISBN 978-3-8487-8893-4
(Augsburger Rechtsstudien, vol. 92)
in German








Chinese book presentation by Professor Li