(...) In Beijing Prof. Dr. Möllers took part in a workshop of the law faculty of the CUPL. Scientists from Asia and Europe had come to the workshop. During the workshop, Prof. Dr. Möllers spoke about the influence of the constitution on civil law. The trip also served to further intensify the cooperation between the University of Augsburg and the CUPL. Prof. Dr. Möllers has been a permanent guest professor at the CUPL since 2013.

At a symposium at the University of Political Science and Law Gansu in Lanzhou, Prof. Dr. Möllers spoke on the topic of "Case Groups and Mobile Systems as Methods of Concretising Law". In addition, he gave a lecture on the methodological work with general legal principles - demonstrated on European capital market law. In the course of this lecture tour, Prof. Dr. Möllers was appointed permanent visiting professor of the University of Political Science Gansu.

Prof. Dr. Möllers an der Juristischen Fakultät der China University of Political Science, Foto: privat
Foto: Professor Möllers