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For the Chinese translation and pubication, special gratitude first goes to Professor GuoYing Shu (舒国滢) of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law for spending the time to write the accompanying word to the Chinese version of this book. "I am honored by the very positive review and recommendation of the book in this beautifully written and scholarly companion word."

Special credit is also due to Dr. Zhihao Du (杜志浩), who alone translated over 600 pages in less than two years. He has been exceptionally successful in translating the German language into Chinese Mandarin.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Liuhua Shen (申柳华), who has been working at the Faculty of Law at my chair and RICE (Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe) since 2014, and who has supervised the entire translation of the work.

In addition, RICE's Chinese visiting professors, Professor Dr. Tong Zhang (张彤) and Professor Dr. Hao Li (李昊) and Professor Dr. Su Jiang (江溯) proofread the work and made helpful additions.


Special thanks are also due to Peking University Press, especially the editor Mr. JianHua Lu (陆建华) and his assistant Ms. Yue Fei (费悦), for their helpful support.



This is actually the second book published by this publishing house, in addition to the work "Legal Work Technique and Scientific Work".


The foreword, written by Professor Ying Guo Shu of the University of Political Science and Law, has appeared in the form of a book review in China's best-known and largest legal newspaper, Legal Daily.



Titel: Wie sollte die juristische Methodenlehre aussehen?法学方法论应该成为什么样子
Autor: Professor Ying Guo Shu von der Chinesischen Universität für Politikwissenschaft und Recht
Published: Legal Daily, 21. Juli, Seite 12, Wochenendkolumne zur Rechtsstaatlichkeit 法制日报,2022年月21日,第12版,周末法治专栏



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