On September 12, more than 50 professors and scientists from various Chinese universities, together with Professor Thomas M.J. Möllers and Professor Beate Gesell (LMU Munich), gathered for the conference "Consumer Protection in the Digital Economy" at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in Beijing. Professor Möllers gave a lecture on the topic "Enforcement of Consumer Protection and Capital Market Law".

Between September 13 and 21, Professor Möllers held a series of lectures of 16 hours on the subject of "Introduction to German Civil Law" for students of International Law at the Chinese University of Political Science and Law in Beijing (CUPL) as part of a guest professorship. This course is part of the university's curriculum for students in an international semester.


Professor Möllers also visited two universities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang University and Ji Liang University, from September 13 to 17. Professor Möllers and Professor Gao Yandong at Zhejiang University and Professor Chen Yongqiang at Ji Liang University had the opportunity to inform each other in detail about the possibilities of academic exchange between the respective universities.

On the morning of September 16, Professor Möllers also gave a lecture to doctoral and master's students at the Law Faculty of Ji Liang University on "Legal Methods: How lawyers are thinking" and then answered the numerous questions of the audience.
On the evening of September 16, Professor Möllers gave a lecture entitled "Google, Amazon, Facebook - Who has a right to my data?" at the Law Faculty of Zhejiang University. This was followed by a lively discussion round moderated by Professor Gao.


On September 23, Professor Möllers then visited the Faculty of Law at the University of Beijing. First of all, a press conference was held in the conference room of the Faculty of Law to announce the publication of the Chinese version of Professor Möllers' book "Juristische Arbeitstechnik und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten". The book was published in June 2019 with an edition of 5000 copies and was met with great approval from the legal community. During the press conference, Professor Möllers signed Chinese editions of his book and gave them as a gift to the 60 law students, scholars and professors present. The press conference was sponsored by the Peking University Press, which can be seen as a special award and great honour for the editor, the author and the translators.

Yu Weng, Foto:privat
Yu Weng, foto:privat
Yu Weng, foto:privat
Liuhua Shen, Foto:privat
Liuhua Shen, Foto:privat
Signierung der chinesischen Arbeitstechnik im Rahmen von Prof. Möllers China Reise 2019 foto:privat