(...) This was a digital event which was simultaneously translated by Dr. Zhihao Du (Faculty of Law, Hu Nan University in Changsha) and moderated by Dr. Qingwen Liu (Deputy Director of the Sino-German Institute of Law, Nanjing University). Commentators of the lecture were Professor Hao Li (Faculty of Law, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and Professor Yuqing Zhu (Faculty of Law, Nanjing University).

The students' interest in the topic and in the book "Legal Work Technique and Scientific Work", translated into Chinese by Professor Möllers, was very high (第九版, 北京大学出版社2019年, Chinese translation of the 9th edition). Dr. Qingyun Liu and Prof. Hao Li recommended Professor Möllers' book to law students as an introductory textbook for Chinese law students.


A detailed report from Nanjing University in Chinese is available here:


Report of the Universität Nanjing

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