The work "Juristische Methodenlehre" by Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers has been published in its second edition. It is aimed at students, doctoral candidates and practitioners and aims to enable legal practitioners to develop argumentative solutions to unclarified legal questions. The ultimate goal is to convince the other party of the content of the legal argumentation - also and especially in the case of a dispute.
Despite the short time since the first edition, the new edition is not intended to be a simple reprint, because legal methodology thrives on dialogue and the examination of conflicting ideas. The book is therefore updated with newer case law and legal literature. Lectures and conferences in Germany and abroad on the occasion of the new publication, but also numerous book reviews of the first edition form the basis for enriching the now available second edition with a number of new reflections.


New additions include

  • further definitions of basic legal terms (§ 1),
  • Comments on subsumption (§ 4),
  • for empirical studies (§ 5)
  • and for further legal training in acoordance with the directive (§ 12).

Newly inserted are also statements on legal thinking and a European methodology (§ 14). Additionally, there is also a more in-depth examination of the finding of law in the Anglo-American legal system.


XLVIII, 571 pages

C.H.BECK. ISBN 978-3-406-73178-5


„A truly great, modern textbook on legal methodology. It sets new standards for education, academia and legal practice because it goes far beyond the traditional (interpretation) method and covers all major methodological questions. What would the capital markets say? This book is a clear buy!“

Professor Dr. Hanno Merkt, Freiburg, in: NZG 20/2018, on the first edition 2017 (translated)



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