The present 10th edition, as an anniversary edition, again aims to incorporate a number of new developments relevant to the lawyer.


New are explanations on the basic conditions of academic work and learning techniques (§ 1). There are also new thoughts on how to train one's legal thinking (§ 3). Legal research, explanations on source criticism and working with Internet sources such as open access or blogs and reading techniques have been deepened (§ 4). In addition to recent judgments on plagiarism, a section on dishonest scientific work has been added (§ 5). Legal style requires writing techniques (§ 6). Scientific work already includes the term paper and seminar paper, which require evaluating the relevant legal sources and bringing them into a clear train of thought (§ 7). In addition, the negative comments on the PowerPoint presentation and events in times of the Corona pandemic such as online conferences and podcasts as online media are presented (§ 8). There are also new reflections on the dissertation, namely explanations of how the doctoral candidate is required for the first time to demonstrate legal creativity, in the choice of topic, the methodological approach of the work and the legal justification in detail (§ 9). Finally, a new appendix 5 introduces working with beck-online and Juris.



Möllers, Juristische Arbeitstechnik und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten, 10th edition 2021, 276 pages, Vahlen Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8006-6392-7.