CAPLAW -          - the database on European and international business law is no longer in operation


The CAPLAW database on European and international business law was set up in 2003 to show the connections between national and European business law. Over the years, it has been possible to reflect the fast pace of capital market law by systematically processing more than 2,000 database entries or more than 10,000 files. More than 8 million clicks showed the great demand for the European Company and Capital Market Law. In the meantime, the European Union has significantly increased the user-friendliness of its own databases, so that it no longer seems necessary to systematically supplement the CAPLAW database with legal texts. In the future, reference should therefore be made to the website of the European Union.

Due to the high interest in European and national business law, CAPLAW will be continued as a website. The new site will provide a comprehensive overview of European and national business law in the form of podcasts, excellent study papers or a detailed glossary, among other things. The focus is on capital market and corporate law. The influence of European law on national law as well as legal dogmatic and legal methodological issues are dealt with in depth in order to strengthen the transparency of the legislative processes.



The podcasts by Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers and his team report in short sequences on interesting legal issues, judgements and classify questions of legal-political current affairs.



Glossary of the most important terms in corporate and capital market law.


Student research papers

Here you will find excellent student research papers in the field of banking and capital markets law.


Jean-Monnet-Centre of Excellence – European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement (INspiRE)

The research project "INspiRE" (Jean Monnet Center of Excellence - European Integration - Rule of Law and Enforcement), funded by the European Union, aims to focus research on European law from the perspective of law enforcement. Law must not only exist as "law in the books", but must be "lived", because only if law can be enforced, a high quality legal system exists, whose standards are respected.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers

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Prof. Dr. Thomas M. J. Möllers