Smartphone donations for health research

We want your smartphones! Oi, what now? No not your actual smartphones. Those you can keep. We would like your old and unused smartphones to use as test devices.

In the scope of teaching and research at the Chair of Model-Based Environmental Exposure Science. We are investigating the relationship between the environment and human health, i.e., the relationship between various environmental factors and their positive and negative effects on human health. Our focus is on air pollution, especially Particulate Matter.

We are developing small wearable devices, equipped with air quality sensors to monitor the quality of the air we breathe daily. Using a blue-tooth connection the sensor data is collected using our own smartphone application.

Do you have an old smartphone at home, and would you like to donate it to us?

We are looking for Apple iOS or Android devices:

  • iPhone 8/iPhone X (Updates for iOS 16.x) or newer
  • Android Version 12 or newer

For all devices:

  • Small scratches or dents are not a problem
  • Working WLAN/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Working battery that can support at least 30-minutes of use.
If you are interested, please contact:
Your donation will be appreciated and will contribute towards health research at the University of Augsburg and University Hospital Augsburg.