Thesis Topics

The supervised research topics listed below are mainly related to the research activities and projects conducted at the Chair of Model-based Environmental Exposure Science. The topics are aimed at Bachelor's and Master's students in Geography, Geoinformatics, Climate and Environment Sciences, and Medical Information Sciences. The topics are also suitable (in part) for doctoral students in Human Medicine. 



If you are interested in one of the proposed topics, please contact the person responsible for that topic. If you have your own idea for a thesis topic, please contact Prof. Knote

Geography and Geo-/Medical Information Sciences (Bachelor/Master theses)

  • Evaluation of building heights derived using surface and terrain models.
    Contact: Dr. Jean du Preez
  • Comparison between in-situ measurements and PALM model simulations.
    Contact:  Dr. Jean du Preez
  • Assessment of health benefits of green and blue infrastructures based on mediation analysis.
    Contact: Dr. Bin Zhou
  • Assessment of environmental exposure for the global south using Google Earth Engine.
    Contact:  Dr. Bin Zhou
  • Quantification of air pollution mitigation measures using meteorological normalization (MN).
    Contact:  Dr. Bin Zhou
  • Hybrid exposure modelling based on machine learning/autoML framework.
    Contact:  Dr. Bin Zhou
  • Evaluation of AirView camera footage using machine/deep learning techniques.
    Contact:  Dr. Bin Zhou

Human Medicine (Doctoral theses)

  • Ecological and medical factors influencing lung development and maturation (from embryonic phase to alveolar differentiation). 
    Contact:  Dr. Katrin Gohlsch
  • Etiology and Pathogenesis of Lung Diseases Associated with Environmental Factors such as air pollutants.
    Contact:  Dr. Katrin Gohlsch