Admission to the Human Medicine degree programme at the Faculty of Medicine Augsburg takes place once a year in the winter semester. The programme started in the 2019/2020 winter semester. 84 study places were available in each of the first four years (2019 to 2022). In the following years, the number of study places will be gradually increased to 168 until the final number of 252 study places is reached.


Central allocation process

As the number of applicants for the Medicine degree programme nationwide significantly exceeds the number of places available, places are allocated in a central allocation procedure by the Foundation for University Admissions.

Local application procedures

Information on the local application procedures for foreign prospective students who do not belong to EU member states..

Application for higher semesters

It is generally possible to transfer to higher semesters, but special rules apply in Augsburg due to the organisational structure.

Rural doctor quota in Bavaria

For the first time in the winter semester 2020/2021, students can be admitted to the human medicine degree programme at Bavarian universities via the rural doctor quota. The application procedure for the rural doctor quota always ends on 28 February each year.

Professionally qualified applicants

Professionally qualified applicants without a school-based university entrance qualification also have the opportunity to apply to study medicine. To do so, they must first complete a counselling interview and, if necessary, a university entrance examination.

Contact person

If you have any further questions about the admission procedure, you are welcome to contact the Student Office of the University of Augsburg. However, please check our list of frequently asked questions first:



Admissions Officer for Human Medicine
Registrar's Office