Our philosophy

The aim and aspiration of the model degree programme is to provide a professionally sound education geared towards medical skills and roles. A particular concern of ours is to provide students with the best possible support in their professional development as doctors.


The teaching staff create suitable learning opportunities to help students acquire medical knowledge and practical skills. With their clinical and scientific experience, they also serve as possible role models for orientation.


We rely on the commitment of our students, who take responsibility for their learning progress. Building a good teaching and learning culture with a community of teachers and students is particularly important to us in Augsburg. We see ourselves as a learning community consisting of students, lecturers and programme developers in order to continuously develop our degree programme in a lively exchange and mutual appreciation.

In a good learning environment, learning and teaching is not only more fun, but can also demonstrably lead to better results in the degree programme.


All about studying in Augsburg

Medical Branch Library

Everything you need to know about borrowing and using media from the Medical Branch Library

Teilbibliothek Medizin

Chairs & Professorships

When completed, the Faculty of Medicine will have 101 chairs and professorships; at the moment it is still under construction.

Foto eines Whiteboards

IT services

What is the Campus Card, how can you access the internet at the university and what else does the university's computer centre have to offer?

Frau am Laptop mit Iphone

What else is going on at the university?

Learning languages, going abroad, doing sports and getting involved in student initiatives - there's a lot on offer at the university. Here you will find everything that is important before, during or after your studies.

Gruppe von Studierenden arbeitt vor der Alten Cafetè

Studying in Augsburg

It's nice to study in the city of the Fuggers, water and the "Puppenkisten-Kaschperls" - Augsburg is not too big and not too small. But where do you live here? How can you pay for your studies? And what does the city actually have to offer outside the university?

Rathaus, Blick in die Maximilianstraße