Course Evaluation

Manuel to integrate the course evaluation of the student body of the Institute of Mathematics.




First some facts:

  • Typically the course evaluation should start some weeks before the semester ends.
  • Each semester the student body creates a public template. This should be copied and assigned to a course.
  • After some time the student body in cooperation with the DV-Betreuer gets the answers.
  • The analysis of the answers will be passed to the dean for students.
  • Important information from the analysis will be publicated in front of the office of the student body.
To assign the course evaluation in Digicampus the following steps have to be done:

Steps to assign the course evaluation

  • In the first step you have to search for the course evaluation, so just use the Menue Symbol Workplace and click on Evaluations:
    © University of Augsburg
  • To find the public template for the evaluation, just search after it with the stirng math:
    © University of Augsburg
  • The result should be a list of evaluations that satify the criteria, to copy the evaluation you should use the blue arrows at the end of the line:
    © University of Augsburg
  • If everything went correct the screen should like this:
    © University of Augsburg
  • To assign the evaluation you have to click on the blue arrow to open the following assignment section: 
    © University of Augsburg
    The following points should be considered:
    1. The start time for the evaluation shoul either be now or a time the student body has set.
    2. For the end time, you can just use two weeks or the time the student body set.
    3. Important: To assign the evaluation to a course the check sign should be at  "copy", elseall results for all our evaluation are bundled in one file.
    4. Do not use the option „Freigeben“, this makes the evaluation public.


  • After the assignement there should be a note like this:
    © University of Augsburg
  • In the course overview the evaluation should be visible as:
    © University of Augsburg
  • At the course there should now be something like this:
    © University of Augsburg
  • To get an overview of the result just use the symbol that looks like a diagramm.


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