Assigning Fields of study in Digicampus

Correct assignments of fields of study in Digicampus

For courses to be listed at the course overview page of the institute the course in Digicampus needs some entries in the Fields of study section:


  1. First the institute of mathematics has to be assigned or the course will not be integrated in the generel overview page for the courses in the institute.
  2. To appear in the sublist for the courses which can be audited by students of a study path, this study path has to be assigned.


Assigned are the institute and six degrees, the dusk bin behind a filed of study indicates that this field is assigned. Fields without a dusk bin are not assigned.

FAQ about fields of study

At each of this pages there are subpages for each study path.

The best way to assign the Fields of study is:

  1. Login in Digicampus and select your course.
  2. In the menue just select Administration and then at the left side Fields of study.
  3. After this there should be an overview of the actual assigned Fields of study.
  4. New assignements can be made by clicking at the yellow arrows in the right column. The blue arrows are for navigation in the facilities.
  5. To assign the Institute of Mathematics it is neccessary to first open the faculty. The study paths are then one level below the institute.
Overview of possible Fields of study. The faculty and institute are unfolded.

Why is a course not in the overview page of the Institute of Mathematics?

The most common cases for this are, that

  • either there are no Fields of Study assigned or
  • there are some study paths but the Institute of Mathematics has not been assigned.
There is no assignement for the Institute of Mathematics. Best indicator for this is the missing dust bin.

How can this be corrected?

The correction is not realy easy as a direct assignement of the institute is in this state not possible. For archiving this goal the following steps have to be done:

  1. Delete all assigned Fields of study and assign one from outside the institute.
  2. Save
  3. Delete the Field of study from outside the institute
  4. Assign the Field of study „Institute of Mathematics“
  5. Assign all wanted paths of study
  6. Save