Chair of Hybrid Composite Materials

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kay Weidenmann

Hybrid materials: More than the sum of their parts

Hybrid materials, i.e. composite materials or material composites, which are intrinsically produced or extrinsically joined from several individual components, play an increasingly important role in industrial applications. Decisive for their performance is the interaction of the different components in the composite, thus properties can be achieved which are better than the properties of the respective individual constituents. In context of the conservation of resources, we meet the challenge that during use,  the strongest possible connection of the composite partners is desired.  At the end of the product's life, however, it should be possible to make a simple separation.



The Chair of "Hybrid Materials" at the Institute for Materials Resource Management is dedicated to the process-structure-property relationships of this class of materials.

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Hybrid Composite Materials

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