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Theses (Abschlussarbeiten)


  • Zulassungsarbeit (Lehramt ): 12.000 - 16.000 words
  • Bachelor Thesis: 12.000 - 16.000 words
  • Master Thesis: 25.000 - 30.000 words


Layout & Style:

  • based on the style sheet for seminar papers (cf. above)



  • a reasonable research question or hypothesis
  • combination of theory and application, i.e. working with data & conducting at least some linguistic analyses of your own
  • written in English


Examples of previously accepted topics:

  • Lexical Change in Present-day English: A case study of the IT lexicon
  • International Communication: English as Lingua Franca versus artificial languages
  • Middle English Phraseology: Native Developments and Foreign Influences
  • Humour in advertising: A comparison of British and German TV ads
  • Metaphors in Political Speech
  • Idioms in Second-Language Learning
  • Plus: from mathematical operator to conjunction

State Exams

Bei Interesse an einem sprachhistorischen Thema (Old English, Middle English) für das Staatsexamen, wenden Sie sich gerne an Frau Prof. Dr. Claridge.


Please contact Prof. Dr. Claridge if you are interested in doing a historical topic in the state exam (Old English, Middle English).
She can provide assistance of various kinds.