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  • StuTS (Studentische Tagung für Sprachwissenschaft)

Corpus Linguistics and Corpora

  • International Computer Archive of Medieval and Modern English (ICAME): documentation/manuals for available corpora of English, bibliographies and archive of Corpora mailing list
  • Martin Weisser's Bookmarks for Corpus-based Linguists: very good collection!
  • Phrases in English database, based on the BNC
  • English-Corpora, by Mark Davies: a search interface for various corpora such as the BNC, CORE Corpus, Corpus of American Soap Operas, COCA, COHA, Corpus of US Supreme Cour Opinions, EEBO, GloWbE, Hansard Corpus, iWeb, NOW, Strathy Corpus Canada, The Movie Corpus, The TV Corpus, TIME Magazine Corpus, Wikipedia Corpus.
  • To register under the unviersities' license for 500 search queries per day, please talk to your lecturerer.
  • The Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English (MICASE): with search interface 
  • Laurency Anthony's (Ant)Software: Freeware toolkit for corpus creation and analysis.
  • Sketch Engine: A data analysing tool, able to handle custom data sets, making it useful to handle your own corpora. Choose "Instiutional login", then search/enter "Universität Augsburg", finally log in by using your RZ-login details.
  • Word Smith: A word pattern analysis tool. You can download the demo for free. For temporary full access visit our staff (Michelle Weckermann) in D 4038 during office hours.

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