Credit Transfer

Dr. Christian Hoffmann is in charge of the transfer of credits acquired in courses of English Linguistics and Applied English Linguistics.


Location: Augsburg, Germany
Date: June 15th – 17th, 2022
Theme: “Ideologies in News Discourse”

It is part of the series of Conferences on Historical News Discourse, the first of which was held at Florence in 2004.

Office hours during semester break

Prof. Dr. Claudia Claridge, Room D 4047

to be announced

Please register for office hour slots in Digicampus. The zoom links can be found in the wiki of my current courses; if you are not in one of my courses you will be sent the link.

Dr. Christian Hoffmann, Room D 4044

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Carolina Billio Graeber, Room D 4038

by arrangement

Michelle Weckermann, Room D 4038

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Heike Krebs, Room D 4036

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Dr. Rita Stoll, Room D 4036

by arrangement

Sekretariat, Room D 4036

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