FAQ "NAS" (Northamerican Studies)

  • What documents do I have to send in with my application?
    Please attach a cover letter that outlines your motivation for applying for NAS, a CV as well as a copy of your B.A. diploma and copies of your language certificates. Use our online application form and send your documents to:

    For further information, please see Requirements or contact the MA coordinator.
  • I am just about to finish my B.A. but did not receive my diploma yet. Can I apply nevertheless?
    Yes, you can. Instead of your diploma, please attach prove over 140 ECTS credits obtained during your B.A.. The diploma itself must be handed in until the end of the first NAS semester.
  • What if I cannot finis NAS program within the timeframe of our semesters?
    Schould a student fail to obtain the required 120 ECTS credits within four semesters, the Master examination is considered to be failed on a first try. In that case, you have two more smesters to finish NAS. If you fail to do this and still cannot give prove of the requires 120 ECTS credits after a total of six semesters, the examination is considered as conclusively failed. ‘Exceptions may be granted it you can prove that the delay occurred through no fault of your own.
  • What language requirements must be met in order to apply?
    English must be proven at C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as another foreign language at B1 level. Proof of mastery of the second language can be submitted by the end of the first year of study. The German "Abitur" certificate or an official language test based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages counts as proof.
  • Do I have to pay tuition fees?
    The universities in the Free State of Bavaria do no longer collect tuition fees. For details see the University of Augsburg hompage.
  • Is it possible to combine NAS with a semester abroad?
    Yes, that is possible. The University of Augsburg has partnerships with many foreign universities that you can contact. However, you willhave to organize your stay at a foreign university on your own.