Research at the Chair of Financial Data Analytics aims to follow highest academic standards while simultanously producing practically relevant results. Our research results have been published in leading international journals and received numerous awards in the past.


In addition, we have a large number of collaborations with industry partners, especially from the financial services sector. In the past we have received funding for our research from several institutions such as state ministries, the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) or the European Commission (EU).  


Our research is concentrated on three main areas which are further detailed below.

Research Areas

Business Intelligence und Big Data Analytics

Analysis and processing of large and heterogeneous data sources to extract useful information for supporting decision-making in the financial sector. Thereby, analytcal methods including data, text and topic mining are used (quantitative-empirical and design-oriented research).

Financial Analytics

Development and Execution of Digital Business Strategies

Research on the strategic use of digital technology in the financial industry (esp. FinTech) and businesses' financial functions and the role of IT architectures for digital innovation and transformation (qualitative empirical case study research).


Foundations of Research Metholodology

Conceptual and methodological foundations for a rigorous development of theoretical contributions in the form of analytical (esp. taxonomies) and design-oriented theories (theoretical-conceptual research).