Employees are an integral factor for the success of organisations. As such, the research group of the Chair of Global Business and Human Resource Management analyses questions at the centre of this resource with a special focus on three main areas.

Human Resource Management

Between joining and leaving a company or organization, an employee goes through a number of stages. At each of these stages, the management of the organization is faced with various critical decision problems that are critical to the success of the organization. The research of the chair focuses on the theoretical foundation of these decision problems, especially in an international context.


Educational decisions are a central issue for both individuals and organizations. Accordingly, the research group of the chair deals with factors that influence individual educational decisions as well as with the design of training measures on the organizational level.

Methodical Approach

Methodologically, two elements characterize the research approach. The approach is theoretically (usually economic) founded and focused on the analysis of data (usually quantitative). The scope of the analyses naturally depends on the research question. Often the focus is on organizations (e.g. companies, universities), departments in organizations or individuals.



The publications of the chair's scientists can be found in their CVs on the subpage “ Team”.


In 2019 the chair hosted the 22nd  round of the Colloquium on Personnel Economics (COPE) at the University of Augsburg. Everything about the conference can be found  here.

Network meetings



Researchers from six working groups meet annually for a scientific conference on topics of personnel, education and organisational economics. Young researchers have the opportunity to present papers from current research projects and network with other researchers. The conference is organized by six working groups in rotation.


The Chair of Global Business and Human Resource Management has been a member of the network since 2013. In 2015, the conference took place in Augsburg under the overall theme "Human Resource Management in a Global Environment". In 2021, the Chair will host the conference again.


The following working groups are involved in the network: