A letter of recommendation should evaluate your qualification. You must prove this qualification when you ask for a letter of recommendation. Usually this is done by good or very good grades in the courses of the chair. Furthermore, your overall grade point average must be 2.2 or better. Based on your grades, we will decide whether we can make a recommendation. In any letter of recommendation, your grades will be explicitly mentioned and will be included in the grade chart of the respective course. Please be aware that a letter of recommendation will only help you if it is sufficiently positive. The prerequisite for this are correspondingly good grades at the chair.


If you have to provide a reference person for your  PROMOS application, please note that the same requirements apply and that we need the same documents from you as listed below (except for the proof of necessity).





Please consult the following table to find out the requirements that apply to you depending on the current status of your studies.


  Overall grade average of 2,2 or better Successfully completed
„Organisation und Personalwesen“
Successfully completed
additional courses at the Chair
Bachelor thesis at the Chair
Students in the
 1st -   4th semester
min. 1  

Students in

the 5th Semester and higher

min. 2  
Applications for master programmes min. 2



Required documents


In order to check whether we can make a recommendation, we need the following documents from you:


  • Application form for the letter of recommendation (you can find it on the chair page on Digicampus)
  • Letter of motivation to the scholarship provider/the target university
  • current transcript of records from Studis
  • CV
  • Evidence that a letter of recommendation is required for your application (e.g. a link or an application brochure)


If you do not need a letter of motivation for your application, please send us a short overview (approx. one page) of your reasons for applying.


If the scholarship provider or the university to which you would like to apply has a template for letters of recommendation, please also send this along.


You can send your documents by e-mail to the secretariat. You will then be informed promptly whether we can prepare a letter of recommendation for you. In any case, please allow 4 weeks for processing and submit your application in time!


After we have prepared the letter of recommendation, we will send it directly to the addressee you have specified. Please understand that we cannot provide you with a PDF or copy of the letter of recommendation.