The topics of bachelor’s and master’s theses as well as the seminars offered follow the chair’s main research areas:


  • Pricing & revenue management
  • Last-mile logistics
  • Mobility on-demand
  • Fundamental problems & methods in operations research
  • Standard software in operations research




Upcoming Events


There is a central kickoff event via Zoom for all seminars of the chair in the Bachelor and in the Master. The kickoff event for the bachelor seminars will take place on 12.04.2021 at 14:15, the kickoff event for the master seminars will also take place on 12.04.2021 at 16:15. You can register via Digicampus. The registration period for the summer semester 2021 starts on Monday, 22.03.2021. Registration for this event only entitles you to participate in the kickoff. The binding registration for the individual seminars will then take place there.

Bachelor theses

The next registration period for the assignment of bachelor thesis topics runs from Wednesday, 24.03.2021, to Wednesday, 07.04.2021, 12 noon. The assignment will take place during a Zoom event. If you would like to apply for a bachelor thesis topic, please register for the corresponding Digicampus event. Please note that this is only a preliminary registration. You will be informed about a definite admission by e-mail afterwards. In this e-mail you will also receive the link to the Zoom event for the assignment of the bachelor thesis topics.

Master theses

There is no central allocation procedure for Master's theses. You can find a selection of the master thesis topics we currently offer online in the "Files" tab of our chair page in Digicampus. If you are interested, please contact the respective member of staff.




For undergraduate students the chair offers the seminars „Smart Logistics and Mobility“ and „Computational Analytics“ each semester. For graduate students the seminars „Analytics & Optimization: Applications“ and „Analytics & Optimization: Methods & Software“ are offered.


Important remarks:

  • Dates on which seminar places and topics are assigned can be found on the chair’s homepage in Digicampus.
  • Before participating in a seminar at the undergraduate level we highly recommend taking the course „Operations Research“.
  • In case the demand for places exceeds capacity, students who have passed the aforementioned course will be given priority.

Bachelor's Theses

  • Bachelor’s theses are assigned on two dates per semester. The first one is in the first week of lectures, the second one right after the exam period. The next date will be announced on the start page and in Digicampus.
  • To register for an assignment date, please sign up for the event „Zentrale Vergabe der Bachelorarbeitsthemen am Lst. für Analytics & Optimization“ in Digicampus. This will be possible approx. three weeks prior to the date.
  • At the assignment event the different research areas are introduced. The exact topics are then assigned and communicated to the students.
  • Due to the short preparation times, theses written in cooperation with companies are not possible.
  • In case demand for bachelor’s theses exceeds capacity, students are prioritized with respect to the number of the chair’s courses passed.

For further questions, please consult



Master's Theses

  • A selection of topics for master’s theses currently offered can be found in the chair’s showcase (next to room J 2315) as well as online on the chair’s homepage in Digicampus. If you are interested in one of the topics, please consult the research assistant listed respectively. 
  • Regarding writing master’s theses in cooperation with companies, the topic has to be sufficiently similar to the chair’s research areas and must have a methodological focus. Generally, one third of the thesis should deal with the formulation and solution of optimization models.
  • The chair offers a accompanying seminar, in which all theses are presented in the form of an intermediate and a final presentation. Participation is obligatory.

For further questions, please consult