“We open up worlds”: that’s the guiding theme of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Augsburg. It describes how the faculty fundamentally perceives itself and its standards when it comes to research and teaching in respect of its students, employees, and affiliated people from the worlds of academia, practice, and politics. The Faculty of Business and Economics makes important contributions at an individual and societal level by merging worlds of knowledge, experience, and the future, thereby contributing to a sustainable future. Its continuous aim is to achieve the highest quality in research and teaching. In research, the faculty is making new areas accessible and investigates them using rigorous methodology. When it comes to teaching, it opens up various worlds to its students, empowering them to bravely exploit these new worlds.  


The highest level of quality is apparent in research by dint of the fact that the members of the faculty always work on highly relevant topics, applying the latest methods rigorously as they do so. This gives rise to numerous publications in leading international journals and successful placings in research rankings (Research.com, Shangai, and WirtschaftsWoche ranking). The continuous transfer of knowledge to society as well as the faculty’s numerous very successful former doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers are further indicators of the successful implementation of the commitment to quality in research.



In teaching, highest quality is primarily reflected by the strong degree program portfolio with its diverse general and specialized study programs. The decades-long high level of demand for study places, the very good evaluations from students, and the excellent positions in the CHE ranking also bear testament to the high quality of the teaching. Through the continuous internationalization, for example in the form of double degree programs and exclusive WeltWeit (“WorldWide”) exchange programs with renowned universities on all continents, the faculty offers a wide variety of options allowing students to also study internationally at the highest level.

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Way & manner

“People, Values, Future” specifies in greater detail how the faculty provides highest quality in research and teaching. Its focus on people is reflected by the strong community of students and employees. The focus on values is in line with the university’s motto (“Scientia et Conscientia”) and is an incentive for all members of the faculty to act responsibly. The faculty’s forward-looking approach is evidenced by its strong focus and simultaneous openness to continuous change. The faculty constantly faces up to the key future challenges in research, teaching, and society, thereby helping to shape them.

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Our origins


The leitmotif of the Faculty of Business and Economics has its roots in the faculty's origins, with its tradition as part of the reform university of Augsburg as well as its location in Augsburg as part of the Bavarian-Swabian region. Since its foundation in 1970, the faculty has always evolved dynamically and, to this day on its 50th anniversary in 2020, is still holding its own very successfully with other competitor universities. Augsburg as the City of Peace and resurgent city as well as Bavarian Swabia, with its unique mixture of down-to-earth attitudes, pragmatism, and focus on success, forms the basis for the self-image of the faculty and its actions in local and global environments.


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The “We” in our leitmotif is also to be seen as an invitation to all those who would like to be part of the Faculty of Business and Economics or would like to cooperate with it. For example, the Faculty of Business and Economics is open to case study seminars or research projects with companies, guest lectures, and committed alumni as well as funding students through grants. You are also welcome to visit us as part of one of our numerous events and recommend us to prospective students.



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