Interdisciplinary teaching

Integration into teaching

Artificial Intelligence and data science have gained immense importance in the past decade. These fields link classical subjects like computer science and mathematics with scientific applications in almost every other discipline. The interdisciplinary interaction of these disciplines is imperative to well-rounded teaching and learning in these fields. Due to the importance of data science, the centre plans to significantly expand the range of courses offered at the University of Augsburg, including with joint degree programmes in Data Science and Mathematik und Informatik in coordination with the Faculty of Applied Computer Science and the Institute of Mathematics.

The master’s programme in Materials Science and Engeneering (MSE)at the Institutes of Physics and Materials Resource Management will also be expanded to include the promising core areas of functional materials and structural materials with a focus on digital materials and sustainability. This will create an English-language materials science degree programme with a clear profile in the fields of digital materials and sustainability. Likewise, in the restructured international degree programme FAME (in future FAME-AIS for “Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering - Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability”), the use of AI methods will be given a high priority.

The degree programmes in mathematics, physics, and computer science are becoming ever more attractive due to new opportunities in the fields of quantum sciences and quantum algorithms.