CAAPS Workshops


The CAAPS welcomes the initiation of thematic workshops to strengthen its application areas and their methodological cross sections. The CAAPS supports such activities with up to 5000€ per event. Three workshops were able to secure support in the first round.

Dynamics of interfaces: From applied math to physics and material science

04.03.2024 – 06.03.2024

Interfaces appear in many physical and biological models, and the description of their dynamic behaviour is an interesting yet highly challenging research field. Models describing such behaviour are either based on an exact description of the interface or a diffuse interface (phase field) approximation. This workshop will bring together researchers working on modelling, numerical simulation, and mathematical analysis. 


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Interaction of mathematics and materials science

28.02.24 - 01.03.24


Interdisciplinary research between applied mathematicians and material scientists lays the foundation to leverage the full potential of novel materials. However, the disciplines use different terminology and have limited insight to each other’s daily work. For example, a material scientist may wonder which parameters are needed to model a specific behavior, while a mathematician wonders how certain parameters can be determined experimentally. Therefore, we organize a workshop targeted to doctoral students at the intersection of material modeling and material characterization.


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Employing Biophysical Concepts in Biotechnological Production

24.09.2023 - 29.09.2023


Theworkshop focuses on the possibilities of combining microfluidic, biophysical and biotechnological approaches to develop cellular screening platforms for bioactive agents like, e.g., nature-derived compounds, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, under circumvention of the cell membrane as delivery barrier. The combination of transient cell transfection with the use of the strong dependence of mechanical cell membrane properties on the membrane state as function of the environmental parameters might allow to increase the efficiency of this process, elementary for personalized medicine and small-scale protein production. Combining the expertise of life scientists, physicists and cell biologists will allow for identification of most promissing hybrid ap-proaches.

Call for applications

There is no specific form for the proposal. A typical length is 1-2 pages. The following information is mandatory:

  1. Title (German/English)
  2. Abstract (German/English): brief description of the concept (max. 1500 characters)
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  3. Organizers
    [At least one organizer must be a member of the CAAPS]
  4. Description of the added value for the CAAPS and interdisciplinary aspect
  5. Preliminary list of proposed speakers and participants
  6. Estimated costs (including maximal 5000€ provided by the CAAPS)

Submission via Email:
Deadline: 11.07.2023