The Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum - a Center for Transnational Studies - is an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented research center at the University of Augsburg, which merges, connects and brings together research foci and key issues in the cultural sciences, humanities and social sciences and promotes their public visibility. It encourages academic exchange between its members, coordinates international cooperation, organizes conferences, facilitates the publication of research results and offers support in the administration and acquisition of third-party funds.


The Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum distributes grants for


Research Fellowships

for the Summer Semester 2023


The Research Fellowship grant scheme is only open to members of the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum. The fellowship is intended to enable qualified scientists at the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum to focus on an innovative research project by reducing their teaching load by up to 7 semester hours per week.


The project to be carried out within the framework of the fellowship must be internationally oriented and eligible for third-party funding. In addition, an interdisciplinary orientation of the research project or the possibility of networking and expanding the project on an interdisciplinary basis is highly encouraged, so that further areas of research can be explored in the long term. Funding will only be provided for projects whose planning and conception phase has already been completed or is at least sufficiently advanced for an application to be submitted by the end of the fellowship. Fellows are expected to report on the findings of their research in scientific publications and to refer to the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum in an appropriate form.


The fellowship is granted  for the duration of one semester and is endowed with up to 5.000 €, which can be used for project-related material and personnel costs. The Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum management team decides on the awarding of the fellowship.


Applications for a Research Fellowship should include the following documents:


  • CV and publication list
  • Description of the research project (5-10 pages)
  • Details of the project application to a third-party funding institution and planned submission date


The deadline for applications is November 15, 2022.


Applications for a Research Fellowship must be combined with an additional application for a Visiting Fellowship for transnational research (see separate announcement).



Please submit your application via email to:


Universität Augsburg
Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum – Forschungskolleg für Transnationale Studien

For the attention of Dr. Andrea Rehling
Phone: +49 821 / 598 – 5208

Center Management