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The part-time Master's programme Theologia spiritualis (Theology of Spiritual Life) imparts solid knowledge of Christian spirituality. In the course of the programme, students acquire competences in the areas of biblical foundation, historical development and the systematic and practical development of Christian spirituality. The Master's degree programme Theologia spiritualis represents an additional qualification for activities in the entire area of spiritual life in the church.



In-service training

for those active in the entire field of spiritual life in the church






Course of studies facts
name: Theologia spiritualis
graduation type: Master of Arts (M.A.)
study mode: part time degree programmes for professionals
start of studies: summer semester
standard period of study: 6 semester
restriction: unrestricted
german language knowledge (at least): B 2
hints: Admission requirements according to § 5 of the exam regulations in the current consolidated form. Introductory events take place closely before the start of the lecture term: https://www.uni-aug…. Start of the lecture term: https://www.stmwk.b….
end of application summer semester: 31. December

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Theologie des geistlichen Lebens