Auf einen Blick: Der Gleichstellungsmonitor

Careers at the University of Augsburg

In view of the increasing precarisation among mid-level academic positions, it is particularly important from an equality perspective where gender-specific differences in career progression become apparent. Based on the career paths of staff at the University of Augsburg, it is possible to directly identify critical points where women are lost to academic careers (“glass ceiling”).


These and other statistics are collected as part of the equality monitor. Data and facts make existing conditions and thus also recurring inequalities visible and are therefore an incentive for change. In this way, the equality monitor makes a contribution to raising awareness of equality and increases transparency with regard to the current situation and fields of action of the University of Augsburg on the subject of equality.


The equality monitor includes student numbers differentiated by gender, as well as the data situation for academic and academic support staff. The situation of the respective groups of people is shown descriptively in figures and graphics. The current employment situation in selected institutions of the university, as well as management functions and members of committees, are also described in more detail.


A lot has changed since the last equality monitor in 2018. An analysis of the current state of development is currently being carried out based on an extensive data collection. The most important results will be published shortly.

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