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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Mariola M. Golas

On 16 November 2020, the human physician and human biologist Dr. rer. nat. Mariola Monika Golas took up a visiting professorship in oncological care and research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Augsburg. The scientist will teach and research in Augsburg for twelve months, making valuable contributions to the longitudinal scientific course of the Augsburg Model Course in Human Medicine.

Prof. Mariola Golas im Freien, Portrait

Prof. Dr. Lisa Riedner

Visiting professor for Migration, Gender and Globalisation
The aim of the visiting professorship is to contribute to the understanding of unequal power relations in local and global contexts through dedicated research, student-centred teaching and close cooperation with civil society players. She is particularly concerned with debates on racism, coloniality, sexism and heteronormativity in migration and work societies and asks what role academic knowledge practices (can) play in these debates.

Lisa Riedner

Prof. Dr. Annett Martini

In the winter semester 2020/21, the Berlin private lecturer Dr. Annett Martini took over the visiting professorship for Jewish Cultural History. As a specialist in Jewish cultural history in the Middle Ages, Annett Martini works with handwritten texts - the Torah, the five books of Moses, must still be written down by hand in special rituals for Jewish use to this day. Martini would like to make the small subject of Judaic Studies / Jewish Studies visible to the public, among other things by a regular podcast.

Anett Martini vor einem Bücherrregal