What are the tasks of the women’s representative?

The women's representatives participate in all of the university's committees and ensure equal opportunities for female academics and students and that their interests are taken into account when making decisions. Together with university management and faculty management, they develop strategies to promote young female academics. They also represent the university on women's issues in regional and national committees on equal opportunities.


Where can I find female academics for an interview?

Our FEMALE ACADEMICt@UniA page is still under construction. If your subject area does not appear there, you can visit the individual pages of the faculties. Perhaps the University women’s representative can also assist you.


Whom do I contact if I would like to find out more about the funding opportunities at the university for female academics?

The Office for Equal Opportunities offers personal advice on this. For an initial overview, the information is summarised on our website. Further information on courses and coaching can be found in the KleVer programme.


Who receives reports of discrimination as a woman or sexual harassment?

The first points of contact are the women’s representatives of the respective faculties. Anonymity can also be maintained. The English digital platform for reporting and counselling on these issues is currently under construction.


Whom do I contact with content, feedback or suggestions for improving the “Gender Equity Diversity” pages of the University of Augsburg?

Konstanze Frölich:  konstanze.froelich@phil.uni-augsburg.de