Solar Roof Cadastre

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project sponsor

Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft (FfE)

project leader

Fabian Jetter
Dr. Stephan Bosch

The solar potential on the roofs of residential buildings in the city of Hamburg was precisely analysed depending on the structural characteristics of the settlement, building type, settlement type and roof shape. The solar roof cadastre of Hamburg was evaluated according to roof shapes, building types and settlement types in order to show connections between photovoltaic potential on the one hand and building type, settlement type, roof shape and building orientation on the other hand. Based on building ground plans, the building and settlement types as well as the building orientations were derived using geometric and GIS-based methods. On the basis of this data and additional information about the building stock of a room unit, it was possible to determine its building-integrated PV potential more precisely than with previous methods, which were based exclusively on statistical information about the building stock. The methodology was finally transferred to the whole of Germany, so that national solar potential on house roofs could be determined.


selected publications:


  • Jetter F., Bosch S. (2016): Energiewende auf dem Dach – Siedlungsstrukturelle Informationen als Grundlage zur Berechnung des Solarpotenzials auf Wohngebäuden. In: Kartographische Nachrichten, 66 (4), 186-193.

  • Jetter F., Bosch S., Schmid T. (2016): Analyse des PV-Potenzials von Wohngebäuden anhand siedlungsgenetischer Merkmale. In: Strobl J., Zagel B., Griesebner G., Blaschke T. [Hrsg.]: AGIT – Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, 2, 106-115, Salzburg. doi:10.14627/537622016

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