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Indicator System for the Evaluation of Measures of the Bavarian Climate Mitigation (BayCliMit) Programme


Duration: from 2023 to 2026

Funding institution: Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection ( StMUV)

Principal Investigator(s):  Prof. Dr. Jennifer Kunz (Coordinator) PD Dr. Stephan Bosch Prof. Dr. Peter Fiener Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann Dr. Laura Ludwig

Associate Researchers:  Patricia Borel, M.Sc. Stefan Kurz, M.A.


Research topics: Measuring climate mitigation measures in Bavaria

Evaluating the effectiveness of climate mitigation measures is becoming increasingly important. In view of the urgency of the climate crisis, many states have initiated programmes to evaluate their efforts in climate mitigation. However, practical evaluation systems are still lacking.


Projects: Center for Climate Resilience


Bavaria has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040. In order to achieve this goal, a climate mitigation programme with more than 140 measures has been set up in 2022. BayCliMit supports the effective implementation of this package of measures by developing a flexible indicator system that ensures a comprehensive assessment of the direct and indirect climate impacts of the individual measures and enables dynamic monitoring. A particular focus is the quantification of CO2 savings. The project, which is based at the Centre for Climate Resilience at the University Augsburg, is carried out in close cooperation between the working groups "Energy Research", "Water and Soil Resources Research", "Regional Climate and Hydrology" and "Controlling" at the University Augsburg.

Contact Persons

Dean of Studies
Faculty of Business and Economics
Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann
Centre for Climate Resilience
Water and Soil Resource Research
Senior lecturer and research associate
Human Geography and Transition Research
Akademische Rätin/Academic councilor
Prof. Dr. Jennifer Kunz: Controlling
Projektstelle: Indikatorensystem zur Evaluierung der Maßnahmen des Bayerischen Klimaschutzprogramms; Wiss. Mitarbeiter/Research and teaching assistant
Prof. Dr. Jennifer Kunz: Controlling
Research associate
Water and Soil Resource Research