Seminars, Theses & Modules

Seminar topics

You can find details of current topics for our Digital Health and Computational Intelligence seminars on Digicampus. Please contact one of our  researchers if you have any questions.


Thesis & Module topics

We currently have the following topics available for supervision for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses and modules. If you have questions or would like to enquire about other project topics, please get in touch. You can find our research interests on our individual pages.



  • Automatic text summarisation utilising natural language processing ( Shahin Amiriparian)
  • Emotional text-to-speech generation ( Shahin Amiriparian)
  • Meta learning for multi-corpus speech analysis ( Maurice Gerczuk)
  • Federated learning for mobile-based audio analysis ( Maurice Gerczuk)
  • Unsupervised representation learning for automatic analysis of health data ( Sandra Ottl)
  • Exploring visual transfer learning for health care applications ( Sandra Ottl)
  • Exploring optimisation algorithms for deep learning ( Manuel Milling)
  • Object detection and classification of pollen on microscope images ( Manuel Milling)
  • Exploring distance-based loss functions for deep learning in classification tasks ( Manuel Milling)
  • Exploring cross-modal interactions for emotion recognition in the wild ( Vincent Karas)
  • Exploring the effectiveness of transfer learning for emotion detection ( Vincent Karas)