Mission Statement



Sense of responsibility

We stand by our educational mission.
We take responsibility for our actions.
We admit mistakes.
We think in a solution-oriented way instead of reproach.



We do cutting-edge research.
Innovation is our DNA.
We encourage creative thinking.
We actively develop ourselves further.



We focus on long-term, international cooperation.
We work in a resource-saving manner.
We operate responsibly.
We share our knowledge.


Team spirit

We motivate and support each other.
We celebrate success as a team.
We enjoy working together and maintain a good working atmosphere.
We trust in our abilities.



We choose our cooperation partners according to our mission statement.
We keep our promises.
We communicate openly and honestly.
We trust in facts, not rumours.



We are all the same.
We listen.
We show consideration.
We put people first.
We're impartial.
We accept each other as we are.