Mobile Networks

Available theses (bachelor thesis, master thesis), research and project modules as well as tutor and HiWi jobs can be found on this website or on the black board of the professorship ( across from room 3003-N and next to room 3079-N).


We will be happy to present our theses to interested students on request. The topics are primarily from our research areas or our national and international projects. However, students are also welcome to contribute their own ideas and approaches. If you are interested, please get in touch with the respective contact person.


Research Topic „Constraint Programming for Mobile Networks“



Constraint programming is an established approach with which many different combinatorial problems can be solved.

Apart from classical constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) and constrained optimisation problems (COPs), there are also more specific variants which, for example, solve problems with distributed resources.

Within a problem class, the modelling of the problems and the techniques that optimise the search for solutions are of particular interest.


Problem Statement

The goal of a thesis/project module in this area is to apply existing or new CP approaches to problems in the field of mobile network management in order to enable efficient solution finding.





Research Topic „Intent-Driven Network Management“



Intent-Driven Network Management is intended to abstract the complexity from the user by utilising so-called "intents" respectively intentions.

A user should only have to express a natural language intention in order to operate the system.

In particular, this means that the management system must correctly interpret the user's intention and find a way to fulfil the user's goal.


Problem Statement

The goal of a thesis/project module should be to research and/or prototype concepts for individual aspects of Intent-Driven Network Management.